February 13, 2015 at 11:13 am Problem is, it doesn’t seem to be as popular as the rage posts. Repurpose an old piece of content samuel okiria Comments I love this post, because you show real stuff. and congrats BTW! Your website is a representation of your business. In a lot of cases it’s the first impression a potential customer may have of your business. WordPress Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail I’m Currently involved in a Comic Website Project – We are averaging 200 hits a day ATM Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines You put tons of effort into writing content for your blog, and want the world to see your latest masterpiece. But before you know it, two months have passed and only few people have feasted their eyes on it. I’M actually getting 10-20 visitors a day so i’m unhappy. But, i can understand that because my website is still pretty ugly at the moment, contains just a few infos about mixed topics, and that’s why people visit my site and leaves within 20 seconds, and as google looks at the view time of my site and pages, i get bad search ranking. 20 seconds of view time per visitor is how? Good? Bad? What is good, 50 sec +? Sharing: Influencer sees your post. Reads it. Likes it. Shares it with their audience. sumit 3 Destinasi Wisata Pantai di Bali Terbaik di Tahun 2016 Is this consistency a big factor of getting organic traffic. I hope this will help to increase our team traffic. (Because this was an old post, as you can see here in my Google Analytics, most of that increase was organic traffic from Google) Set up a consistent publishing schedule for your blog and social media accounts. The more juicy content you serve up, the more your website traffic will grow. These will make your audience more likely to click your social update, and share it themselves! 20. Get Active on Social Media Thanks Naveen – Circle of Moms Nikhil @ MobileJury.com Keywords not only go into headings and page names but also into "meta tags". "Meta tags" are the software code that website visitors do not see but search engines do. Nikola Dimovski 3. More Frequent Posts Do email me on info@gleamrecruits.com They expect you to at least provide answers to some of their questions, if not all. Start by getting to know them as well as you can. This will take some time, no matter what tool you decide to use. Not only you did a stupendous work in the article but you have gone the extra mile in answering each comment. WOW! truly incredible. Right you are, Rintu. This post is in need of an update. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Nice strategies to increase the amount of traffic a website is getting. I would like share one thing. I really like that you ask your new subscribers a question, I do something similar and I’m amazed by how many people reply – it really starts conversations! I’m already getting some ideas for topics that influencers in my niche would find extremely useful. That’s because the Internet has become saturated with low-quality content. Google often disregards these types of posts because they don’t help users solve problems, reach goals, or understand solutions. March 24, 2012 at 4:29 pm Step #1 – Create A New Account: Unless you already have a good rep with your Reddit account, create a new one. Google is smart enough to group individual keywords into topics and subtopics and understand the synonyms. That is why a single page can rank for hundreds and even thousands of long-tail keywords. You want as many people as possible, all coming to your website at the same time to view your new post. Not just because you want lot’s of traffic but because it gives you a better chance of getting even more traffic. Now It’s Your Turn Gordon White Stephen Howe Pinterest can be a great source of traffic to your blog and many bloggers have leveraged it to massively boost their blog traffic.

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D RAMAKRISHNA (3 months ago) Reply February 13, 2015 at 3:41 pm I totally agree with you, we all should focus on content strategy, understand the power of information architecture to get a good result. Our study has shown that a single page can easily rank for thousands of long-tail keywords. But you have to create an in-depth content on that topic. Take a look at Oliver Emberton’s answer to a question, for example: TV Advertising Guide In a nutshell, engaging posts come in 3 forms: BTW the site asked me for cloudflare captcha code to enter the site, is there a reason for that? 1 Aside from sharing, make sure to regularly comment on posts and link to other people’s sites and blogs in your industry. This will not only get your name out there; it will help connect you with potential customers and lend credibility to your business. Debayan Das says: likersvillage Olga Kolodynska Here are some great examples of companies getting this strategy right. As long as you’re not afraid to test new strategies and solutions, you can be sure that they will bring you plenty of new visitors and, in the end, will be extremely profitable for your business. Your FREE trial gives you full access to: understood ana.. Yup, the drafting technique is pretty genius. Give it a shot. It definitely won’t hurt. Keep the out reach email under 5 sentences and you’ll usually see results. A headline is what attracts people to your blog post. Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide – Backlinko So, you’re in the clear here. For example, here’s a video I recently posted on LinkedIn: Step #3: Master Content Outreach sean wiggins (2 months ago) Reply Excellent post buddy. I am really really impressed by this post. I am feeling excited right now. Great work man. How To Get The Right Traffic To My Website|How To Get Traffic To Your Website 2014 How To Get The Right Traffic To My Website|How To Increase Traffic To The Website How To Get The Right Traffic To My Website|How To Get Traffic To Your Website Using Facebook
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