Ask New Question January 12th, 2016 at 11:04 am If you think of your social networks as extensions of your own brand (which they are), they should be closely tied together. Anytime you have a new blog post on your website, share it on your social networks to get people heading to your website. Have a link to your website in your social network profiles and vice versa: use the social bar on your website to make your social networks are easily and directly accessible. So let’s say I had an SEO consulting firm with locations in several cities across the U.S., I would design an architecture that would allow for location-specific information to feed upwards through my directories. Sreekant Shenoy SEO optimization (yes, again) hy, very good article Hosting by Kinsta : Graphics by Kapa99 : Email Marketing by Drip : Theme by MyThemeShop / Terms : Privacy Thanks for providing such a stellar traffic resource! 🙂 yes exactly – content planning and keyword targets need to be planned out before you ever start typing a single word. thanks broo it is usefuly and for my website Specialty local business can’t rely on the same type of organic traffic as a traditional local business does. Sure, El Hefe could try to rank for “Mexican food Scottsdale,” but this doesn’t accurately represent why people come to their business. They may have great Mexican food, but the majority of people are there for the atmosphere. Instead of targeting buyer keywords like “Mexican food,” El Hefe could start creating top of funnel content targeting locally relevant keywords. Jhody Junaedi says: Raghav Raaz says: Hey Corbett, Write articles rich in content. Quality articles will get ranked better in search results. Make sure that your articles address the needs of your readers, and that they can find all of the information they need in one spot. This is the most effective means for increasing traffic to a website; offering people something that they cannot obtain elsewhere, or at least, not to the level of quality that you are offering it.[1] Many bloggers ignore basic SEO, and they eventually suffer from it. Most successful bloggers get as much as 50% or more of their traffic from search engines; taking the right measures when it comes to SEO can double your blog traffic within a short period of time. Justyna is a content writer, the host of Business Sidekick podcast and the author of "The Survival Guide to Starting a Business in the Online Jungle." No problem, always happy to visit awesome blogs 🙂 Unfortunately, not every business has topics that so easily layer on top of sales pages. Top of funnel is further out, more abstract, and a little less likely to have the CTR effect layering does. Meta Description. A meta description tag usually provides a summary of a web page content that also shows up in the SERPs. Better meta description tags, especially those that are well composed, informative, and compelling, tend to have higher chances of gaining clicks from the SERPs and website visits. The Meta description should be at least below 160 characters so that search engines could display it in full. Just like the page title, meta descriptions should also be unique for each web page you have on your website. Guest post on other blogs, and invite other bloggers to guest post on your site. Guest posts are a great way to drive traffic between related blogs, and allow you to gain readers that might not normally make it to your site. Be sure to allow any guest posters to link back to their own site, and share any guest posts the same as you would your own posts. Give Podcast Interviews Thanks for sharing… Why SEO doesn’t get the budget it deserves Ajay Choudhary says: Influencers: personal trainers, healthy lifestyles , fitness stars on Instagram or other platforms To answer your question, there’s an art and science to that. But when you reach out with something influencers care about, they’ll have no issue using it and linking back to your site. The various subreddits of Reddit are a great place to surreptitiously share a link to your site, whether it’s after a post making a point that the link elaborates on or taking on the act of someone who’s just discovered the site. This was done 100% through SEO and content strategy. Hi Brian, I write about traveling tips and hostel reviews. Can you tell me a example of a influencer? Thanks for the awesome tips, The faster your site loads the better. (Check out this article on how to increase website load time) then… go hunting. November 7, 2015 at 2:01 am Adding Schema markup to your website’s HTML is another great method when you’re learning how to drive traffic to your website. Schema microdata helps search engines more precisely identify the contents on a web page. If you don’t feel up to the task of writing your own blog, hire a writer who can do it for you. You should consider these steps when hiring a professional, be it a writer or designer. Thanks, My site is only a week out – I’m going to try your ideas – thanks! I’m also lost on your talk show comment. What? Lifehacker Thanks for the valuable post, After reading this article I could understand why my website is not performing. It is a new website and I should wait a bit more for some organic movement on my website. Anyways thanks one more time. thanks for this article. Great helpful information providing by you. thanks again What are Share Triggers? Joydeep Bhattacharya Plumbing Hi Rishi, it is nice to see you found it useful. Stay tuned to find out more! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about 100000 visits. Gbenga Toba April 18, 2015 at 6:13 am Letting visitors download free software such as freeware, shareware, demos etc. You could even turn part of your site into a free software directory. If you created the software, include your ad inside and let other people give it away. Good targeting Screaming Frog Alternatives It’s quite hard to Brian to almost disregard the ‘end audience’ and write for the influencer instead. Everything tells me I should be writing to tell sellers how to sell successfully on Amazon but how do you translate that message to make it more suitable to for influencer instead? [31/10 9:38 pm] shashikant sharma: Thanks Ti! Glad you liked the post. BizSugar is great for driving targeted traffic. i like it…!!! To have a fully functioning and successful website, you need to make sure your tags are in place and your links are not broken. You also need to submit a sitemap file to Google to have your website show up in Google's search engines. Google+? Hola Gustavo – Muchas gracias! 🙂 — Keep Them Coming Back Getting featured on a well-known, niche-relevant blog/publication will place you as an industry insider/subject-matter expert in your target audience’s mind. iPhone 5S parts, iPhone 6 Plus parts, samsung flex cable, If it’s a birthday party for kids, then you go to mommy communities, etc? Hey Harpal – No problem Nestor! Insurance Guarantees Hey Amal, Index It only makes sense that you would need to do the same thing with your website. Refunds Listening is often the best form of learning. Really amazing dear wonderful article about Google traffic i haven’t seen this type of detail research and analytical article thanks to share for our kind information. Hey Mark, Thanks a lot Matt. I will apply these tips on my site. I’ll definitely report back on my progress with one or two of these. learn everything you can about it; Use Quora Learning from the successes and failures of others can help you generate search traffic and leads. That’s how we learn what “best practices” are - and that's exactly what this in-depth article will show you. Content Recycling: How to Turn Articles into Videos in 5 Minutes (As you know, the better content = more traffic) This is a great post. I’ve used several of these but learned a couple of new ones and you did a great job of explaining the ones I’ve used. I’m going to try Viral Content Buzz. I use Social Buzz Club for a similar thing… Thanks for sharing.

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How do you make sure that Google understands your content’s topic? Brijesh Rupareliya Ecommerce 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Very Useful Article for organic traffic in Website Would be worthy to see a side-by-side comparison for a few different keyword buckets. Within few weeks after it crossed 20 comments the post was ranked at #1 Get website traffic to your website by promoting your website on Karlis Launa Markle (6 months ago) Reply How To Get Massive Traffic To Website|How To Get Traffic To Website For Free How To Get Massive Traffic To Website|How Get Traffic To Your Website How To Get Massive Traffic To Website|How To Get Traffic To Website Fast
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