Hack #1: Hook readers in from the beginning. People have low attention spans. If you don’t have a compelling “hook” at the beginning of your blogs, people will click off in seconds. You can hook them in by teasing the benefits of the article (see the intro to this article for example!), telling a story, or stating a common problem that your audience faces. This way, if you see a post published last week and it mentions something from 2014, you won’t be jarred. You won’t auto-bounce-back to Google and never trust that site again. You’ll see the difference, and not hate Brian—as long as he actually updates his content. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator It’s not enough to just share content through social channels – you need to actively participate in the community, too. Got a Twitter account? Then join in group discussions with relevant hashtags. Is your audience leaving comments on your Facebook posts? Answer questions and engage with your readers. Nothing turns people off quicker than using social media as a broadcast channel – use social media as it was intended and actually interact with your fans. Great read thank you! I’m still trying to build organic traffic to my site http://socialmedia-news.com I find bitcoin topics on my site seem to get the most hits although i wish i could get the amount of traffic you do but im sure it will come 🙂

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This was a good read! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I found this interesting article that may be helpful , check it out https://goo.gl/CS6QvA Great info to help generate traffic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. gypsyhaute.com is my website. It’s a wholsale and retail jewelry website. As per our observations, Google loves the updated content and will rank it higher. I can see this tactic used by more and more websites. But not many of them will share their secret 😉 (17) Case solves E.T.C Thanks for reading and for your kind comment. I think cooking blogs would be a good fit. But yes, also fashion and home and garden blogs. Now I’d study exactly what topics one of those influential groups tend to cover. Dave This little test wont just get you more traffic now, either. It’ll carry on well into the future. Because you’ll get a better idea of the types of headline your audience likes to click as well. Including keyword in first paragraph of post No worries, Michael. Those definitely aren’t dumb questions. I’d review some of the comments here. Lots of examples of influencers from all sorts of different niches. Will – Thanks! Yeah Pumpkin hacking is an amazing approach to build focused success… those farmers are smart folks 🙂 And we did it for our clients not once… Straight to Your Email Consulting hy, very good article (15)If you are looking for a good job Touseef Ahmed (10 months ago) Reply thanks January 2, 2016 at 6:22 am thanks u nic i hope i learn about your article DesiHd https://gohighflier.com Regards Joel. That’s a pretty smart strategy. I actually was thinking about doing that sometime in the near future. You Might Also Enjoy... Take the URL found from your authority publisher and put it into your link tool of choice – my preference being Moz’s same tool, Just Discovered, because it’s most likely to get us links in the quickest fashion. Look at the links to that post, and that post only. A good link i have found here backlinko and its SEO tool. Master the art of headline writing. Nicky Speakman says: Shibu GoCentral Lenny Johnson i want to increase organic traffic on my website. Thanks for sharing the info.. helps us a lotttt .. Check out my brand new website http://www.youdwnld.com – for all your youtube to mp3 need :D like it on fb and share it .. thanks guys :) Your pitch is key. It’s best practice to submit an original piece of content first, so you get your foot in the door before pitching content from your site. This is a nicely written article. I don’t think we should all depend on Google as a source of traffic. What you think is best way to get a lot of traffic for free? Hey Dennelton – I see that you’re on blogspot.. that could be part of your problem, that platform itself imposes a lot of restrictions from an SEO perspective. Perhaps consider moving your blog to wordpress.com to start? Thanks for a this timely article. If I understand it correctly, are you saying that we would better be off looking at market data in our niche and make an article of that for influencers to share rather than actionable tips that the target clients would be interested in? Shouldn’t there be a double strategy – articles for the influencers to share and articles for the users to enjoy? These are real cleaver ways to get traffic. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will try them and then get back to you. April 28, 2016 at 3:11 pm I know about tags. But that’s not it. Also i am using yoast. My organic traffic is abou 25%. I would like to lift it to 40. You just cant rely on fb… can you help me? Blogging Guides Windows-software24 It will seem overwhelming to have to find time to write long form content, if needed you can find help from freelance writers. The key is to just get started, you’ll want to start to build some assets on your site as soon as possible that over time will provide organic traffic to your site. Good read and thanks for the ideas. One quick question though : How do you spot these influencers in the general entertainment / viral content niche? It seems like these type of sites just post their content online and try to get it viral rather than ranking it on the big G. Debbie Search engines have always been a major way to get traffic for free. That is why you need to do your homework and optimize your site so that it ranks well for the keywords you target. cmmtrends.com.ng is once again the #1 young adult dating site for Singles. How do you know if your site is mobile optimized? Piash Shaper November 23, 2012 at 8:57 pm Step1 – Launched 80 Articles on oct 3 2014 (First time) Ajay Choudhary says: Thanks for sharing your thoughts about 100000 visits. February 13, 2015 at 1:20 pm Saya Sangat Suka Sekali Dengan Semua Yang Ada Disini ppppp Great post Brian – couldn’t agree with you more about not just creating great content, but creating the “right” content. Pingback: Why Every Blog Should Hire a Ghostwriter | WebConfs.com Finding the right audiences, making them aware of your work, and then getting them to talk about you is the best way to bring visitors to your site initially. Here are some resources on finding your target audience and building your brand on social media. Instead, you should focus your efforts on creating and ranking content that is lower competition but still related to the software your company sells. Automotive A high bounce rate damages your site’s pageviews, conversions… and it can even hurt your SEO. Devesh says Really great blog Ross. These are really great tips. I would like to add one more point. Vikas Sawant says: Please come back and post any questions you have. Thanks. Nida Leghari Less competition February 13, 2015 at 12:36 pm You might think that your website is outstanding, but your visitor, browsing through it from the other continent, might dislike it. 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